Podpak helps Mindful Chef to deliver great taste
7 Feb

Podpak helps Mindful Chef to deliver great taste

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Podpak helps Mindful Chef to deliver great taste.

February 2017

Podpak is delighted to be working with Mindful Chef, a healthy recipe box delivery service, packed with lean and sustainably sourced ingredients. In 2015, Myles and Giles, launched Mindful Chef, a recipe box delivery company with a difference. They were inspired to launch Mindful Chef due to busy schedules and finding it hard to eat healthily because of their hectic lifestyles.

What makes Mindful Chef different is their ability to create well-balanced, imaginative recipes whilst still being 100% gluten-free. Their healthy recipe boxes include no refined carbs. Instead they guarantee genuinely exceptional quality, gluten-free, dairy-free and local, ethically sourced fresh produce. The instructions are easy to follow and the meals are easy to make; helping make chefs out of even the most inexperienced of cooks.

Podpak provides Mindful Chef customers with premeasured herbs and spices in exact quantities required for each recipe, enabling them to replicate meals with precision and ease. The pods deliver the perfect solution to help preserve and maintain the freshness of the ingredients, helping to enhance the taste without creating unnecessary food waste.

We share Mindful Chef’s passion of sourcing and purchasing only the highest quality ingredients, which is why we use only the most reputable and knowledgeable suppliers. From purchasing to pod, we ensure that this quality is never compromised, helping novice chefs to produce perfect dishes, inspired by world cuisine.

The innovative design of the pods combines both durability as well as functionality in a consumer-friendly product, which compliments the Mindful Chef brand.

See what's on the Mindful Chef menu for next week: mindfulchef.com/on-the-menu


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