Streets ahead
27 Jun

Streets ahead

Posted By: Nick Earl Category: essentials

Podpak is excited to have been chosen to work with Bombay Street, an up and coming recipe kit from the multi award winning creators behind Kitchen Guru.

Bombay Street kits are inspired by traditional recipes from street food vendors, gourmet chefs and authentic home cooking. The recipes are simple, easy to follow and perfect for busy, on the go lifestyles where consumers want the experience and health benefits of cooking from scratch.

Podpak was approached with a brief to produce a high quality and aesthetically pleasing retail product, that enhances the Bombay Street brand. The pods deliver exact measurements required for each recipe where precision is needed to create the perfect meal. They provide clean and easy to open packaging, delivering a hassle-free cooking experience for the consumer.

The pods were also chosen as they display the ingredients suitably for a retail format and meet the required high quality standards.

Podpak is also working on several other projects to help grow and develop the range.









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